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Afghan Pine
Arizona Cypress
Blue Point Juniper
Eastern Red Cedar
Italian Cypress
Afghan Pine
Height: over 40 ft, Full Sun,
Bloom Color: Brown/Bronze
Arizona Cypress
Height: 25-50', Spread: 15-25',
Needs lots of Sun, Color: Blue/Silver
foliage, Comments: attractive
peeling bark
Blue Point Juniper
Grows slowly to a very dense,
pyramidal form of 7-8' tall and
Eastern Red Cedar
Height: 30-50', Spread: 15-25', Needs
lots of Sun, Feature: Columnar/
spreading shape, Comments: Prefers
deeper soils
Italian Cypress
Height: Up to 60 Feet, Canopy Width:
5 to 10 Feet,Water: Little to moderate
Leyland Cypress
The Growth rate is-2’-3’ per
year in their youth. Leylands can
grow to a height of 40’ in a
landscape environment
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