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3 Must-Have Plants for Your Texas Landscape

A healthy green lawn, colorful flowers, and lush shrubs and trees are all key components in an attractive landscape design. If you have moved into a newly constructed home or just want to update your existing home, focusing on your landscaping is smart.

Good landscape design not only makes your home more appealing but also adds value. In some instances, landscaping can offer you an estimated 215 percent return on your investment. Unfortunately, choosing what elements to include in your landscaping can be a bit overwhelming. With this guide and your contractor's assistance, you will learn about a few must-have plants and trees to include in your Texas landscape.

1. Shade-Producing, Drought-Tolerant Trees

Texas definitely gets hot, but the heat is not the only thing you need to worry about. Drought is also a problem during some parts of the year, so you should consider installing shade-producing trees that do not require a great deal of water.

The Cedar Elm is an excellent option for your Texas landscape. This tree is native to the state of Texas, so it can not only grow but also thrive in high heat and severe drought. The Cedar Elm is the perfect tree for adding texture, beauty, and enormous shade to your landscape.

You have many oaks suited to your landscape design, as well. Oak trees are durable and easy to maintain. They also produce a good amount of shade throughout the year.

For a lush green foliage in the spring/summer that turns to a deep red in the fall, opt for a red oak tree. If you prefer green foliage all through the year, the Live oak, an evergreen, will be a smart addition to your yard.

2. Heat-Loving Shrubs

Trees are great investments, but shrubs are also important for your landscape design. Shrubs can enhance your curb appeal by accenting the front of your home while creating borders and pops of color and texture in flowerbeds.
For your Texas landscape, consider one or more of these heat-loving shrubs:
  • Boxwood
  • Nellie Stevens
  • Green Juniper
  • Cleyera
  • Yucca
The above shrubs add greenery and definition to your landscaping without a lot of maintenance. You can also add heat- and drought-tolerant shrubs with colorful floral blooms to your landscape design.

Gardenia shrubs have rich green leaves with elegant white or cream flowers that bloom in the spring or summer season. You can plant them in full sun, thriving in the intense heat without much water.

For even more color, consider planting a few rose bushes, dwarf crepe myrtles, and hydrangea shrubs. The Texas sage plant is also a must-have due to its lavender-colored, bell-shaped flowers.

3. Durable Flowers

Trees and shrubs are beautiful additions to your yard, but adding some flowers is important for softening up the greenery in your landscape design.

Unfortunately, not all flowers are suited to the sun and heat of Texas, so knowing which ones are durable enough to grow and survive is key.

For fun and whimsy that will stand the test of time, make sure to include Gerbera daisies in your flowerbeds. These flowers need full sun and with proper care, they will thrive. In addition, they are perennials, meaning they will come back each year once planted.

Columbine flowers are also good options. They love the heat, but they will also grow in partial shade, so they work well in flowerbeds with trees and taller shrubs. Red and yellow varieties will add a valuable splash of color to anyone's yard.

When you want to design or enhance your Texas landscape, consider these must-have trees, shrubs, and flowers. For more information, contact Ted's Trees, Ltd.

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