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5 Planting Bed Styles and How to Plant Them


The most attractive landscaping tends to feature hardscaping and landscaping that work cohesively. In this case, you can utilize the hardscaping of raised planting beds with the landscaping you put inside them. Below are five styles of raised planters and ideas for what to plant inside.

1. Rustic Stacked Stone

One rustic style of planting bed is stacked stone, which looks like flat stones just piled on top of each other. However, this style of garden bed takes a significant amount of skill to select stones shaped to stack on top of each other and to then dry-stack the stones so they remain upright. However, the finished product looks like a natural and charming addition to your landscaping.

Naturally, such a rustic planting bed doesn't mesh with a formal garden style. For this style of planting bed, you'd want to choose lush plantings reminiscent of a cottage garden. The garden can feature layers of plants differing in height, color, and texture. For instance, you can choose some spiky grasses, tiny blooms, and lush foliage that spills over the edge of the bed.

2. Stacked Stone Blocks

The next step up in the formality scale is a planter made of stacked stone blocks. Here the stones are squared off and regular instead of flat like the above style. The ideal stone tends to be regional, which is preferred because then the stones blend well in your landscaping. With stone blocks, you see more regular shapes of planters, such as oval or square.

Because such a planting bed is a little more formal, your planting can be more organized. Instead of lush plant life spilling over the edge, design a garden with some regular plantings. This style of planting bed is also ideal to top off with wide capstones to turn the garden bed into seating.

3. Mortared Stone Veneer

With the above two planters, the contractors stack stones to make the body of the installation. However, another option is to start with a concrete base, typically poured concrete, and attach a veneer. To do so, the contractors apply mortar to the surface and press thinly-cut stones into it. The contractors then finish the bed with grouting.

You can choose irregular or regular-cut stones. The more regular the cut of the stone, the more formal the appearance of the planting bed. However, mortared stone veneers do tend to look more polished than stacked stone. This style is ideal if you want to create a pretty tableau, say with an ornamental tree and some symmetrical plantings of flowers. This style can also accommodate seating.

4. Sturdy Brick Planting Bed

A brick planting bed generally presents a uniform appearance. As such, this style tends to look more formal. The contractors can construct the bed out of stacked brick or a concrete base covered in a brick veneer. This style of planter is ideal if you already have brickwork in your house's façade.

As with the stone veneer, a brick planter lends itself to manicured landscaping. So, you want to aim for symmetry in your plantings. Imagine neat rows with each plant clearly displayed. A special consideration, though, is to highlight the color of the bricks with your choice in plants. Try to plant greenery near the front as a complement to the red of the bricks.

5. Industrial Cinder Block Bed

If you want to go off the grid - or just look like you are - consider a cinder block bed. This style of planter essentially consists of cinder blocks stacked on top of each other. You can have them mortared or just stacked in a way that promotes stability. The effect of this style of bed is modern industrial.

This style of bed is a creative method for installing a vegetable garden into your yard. You can even plant the cinder block holes with herbs. However, you can also promote the modern aesthetic with mod-style plants, such as succulents or other plantings that clearly show their shape.

Augment your overall landscaping with a raised planting bed. Ted's Trees, Ltd. can provide both the planter construction and the landscaping services. Contact us today for all of your landscaping needs.

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