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Backyard Picnics: Tree Options To Provide Extra Shade & Comfort

Enjoying a small picnic in your backyard is a great way to get some fresh air while eating in a different location besides your kitchen. Having a backyard picnic in the direct sunlight brings a lot of problems. The heat may be too intense. You may have to constantly reapply sunscreen and your food may spoil faster due to the direct heat.
Having a backyard picnic in the shade keeps you out of the direct sunlight and provides a more comfortable atmosphere while in the outdoors. If your backyard lacks shade, there are a number of trees you may choose to plant in the area.
Browse through a variety of trees optimal for shade. Choosing just one of these varieties will give your backyard some extra shade for many years to come.
Texas Ash Tree
Grown to handle the high heat of the Texas sun, the Texas Ash tree is an ideal backyard installation. A single tree or a pair of the trees placed together provides a backyard with plenty of shade and an optimal picnic area.
Once the tree blooms in the spring, the leaves become quite large, sometimes growing as long as eight inches. The shade protection is ideal from these leaves, and large stems contain dense collections of the leaves.
The Texas Ash tree is very similar to the Carolina Ash tree, and both varieties may be ideal for your backyard installation.
Red Oak Tree
If you're looking for a tree which grows fast and can fill up your backyard, consider the Red Oak tree. The tree is named the Red Oak for two different times when the colors change. In the spring, the leaves emerge with a light red color. In the fall, the leaves are a beautiful dark red, which really enhances your landscape until the leaves fall off.
Red Oak trees are known for their quick growth and willingness to survive. The trees are known to live for hundreds of years and do not need much outside care. The tree can become the centerpiece of the backyard and provide a picturesque setting as you enjoy meals with the family. Add a picnic table right underneath the tree for a great location to visit on a daily basis.
A similar option to the Red Oak tree is the Live Oak. The Live Oak also grows quickly, but features leaves that stay on the tree all throughout the year.
Cedar Elm
No matter what type of soil you have in your backyard, the Cedar Elm is an ideal tree for planting. The tree has been known to survive all types of conditions, including extremely dry weather and long droughts. Because of this, your yard will have a thriving tree without little effort or care needed.
These treetops are known to grow outwards and wide, providing you with plenty of shade just from a single tree. The tree may grow up to two feet in a single year, quickly adding a lot of extra shade as the trunk expands and grows on your property.
Japanese Red Maple Tree
If your backyard is smaller, the Japanese Red Maple tree provides you with a smaller tree size while still adding extra shade. The red maple is known for rich and vibrant colors during multiple seasons of the year. The summer features mostly green leaves, but the blend of colors in the spring and fall can range anywhere from a deep purple to a dark red.
These trees do not grow as tall as others, but if you let them grow without trimming, they can thrive and provide a nice area of shade. The tree is ideal for placing near a patio area so the patio has some extra shade and isn't impacted by direct sunlight.
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