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What to Consider Before Transplanting a Tree

Moving a tree into a new home is an exciting process. You are making the landscaping lusher while also giving the tree room to spread its roots and grow. Before you take on this responsibility, there are some things you should consider so the tree will survive the move.

Choose the Right Season

The best time to transplant your tree is when they are dormant.  The best season is in the fall or early spring. You want to allow the tree a sufficient amount of time before the strain of winter to reestablish its roots.

Maintain Proper Watering

You know that trees need the right amount of water to survive. However, you should pay special attention to a tree right after it has been moved as it takes most of its water from the root ball and can rapidly dry it out. Be sure to keep an eye on it in initial months to ensure it is receiving the correct amount of moisture.

Think About Its Stress

Moving a tree to a new spot will cause a great deal of stress to it. It may not grow much during its recovery. Although the amount of recovery time can vary depending on the tree, you can do your part by preparing its new site correctly and adequately taking care of it during this time. 

Transplanting a tree to a new location is beneficial to its new site and the tree itself. With some precautionary measures and a watchful eye, you can help the tree flourish in its new home. Call Ted’s Trees, Ltd. in Austin for professional tree transplanting service

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