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How to Protect Trees for Winter

As the temperature begins to drop and winter approaches, be sure to protect your trees from the harsh cold. Here are a few tips to ensure healthy trees next spring.

Young Trees

Although deciduous trees adapt to winter by losing their leaves and going into dormancy, new trees still need to be protected. Younger trees should be watered up until the first frost, and then have a layer of mulch applied around the tree to insulate the ground and keep it frozen and discourage heaving during warm spells. Young and thin-barked trees should also be wrapped to combat sun scald. Sunscald occurs when the bright winter sun tricks the bark into producing new growth before the rapid temperature decrease kills off all of that growth. 

Coniferous Trees

Because coniferous trees do not shed in the winter, extra steps should be taken. By wrapping trees in burlap or using a burlap screen around the tree, you can protect the trees from the drying winter wind, heavy snowfall that may bend and break the branches and the damage done to some species by road salt being thrown up by plows. 
Wrapping or screening will also discourage discoloration during the winter. During warm spells, new growth will begin, but the quick return to colder temperatures will end it abruptly, causing bleaching. Browning occurs when the sun and wind cause excessive loss of moisture that the frozen roots cannot replenish. 

For more information about preparing trees for the winter, contact Ted’s Trees, Ltd. at 512-928-8733. 

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