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Ideas for Landscaping Around a Weeping Tree

Willow trees in the park

Weeping trees are a popular addition for your yard. You probably know all about the classic weeping willow, but a weeping tree is simply one that features drooping leaves or branches. Elm, spruce, cedar, birch, and cherry can come in weeping varieties, and the weeping willow also comes in several different versions.

Once you have a beautiful weeping tree, complement the graceful backdrop it presents with appropriate hardscaping and landscaping.

Add Color With Flowers

Many weeping trees, such as willows and pines, present green backdrops. Therefore, you'll want to add color to your landscape with flowers. Unless you choose shade-loving flowers, plant them slightly away from the tree but with some connection. For example, you could plant a flower garden slightly off-center in front of the tree.

Introduce New Textures Around the Tree

The defining characteristic of weeping trees is their branches, which create a graceful arc that might extend all the way to the ground. The visual texture the tree presents will depend on its cultivar. For instance, the classic willow features thin stems with narrow lines. A weeping elm will feature flat leaves in a profusion down the arcs.

Start with the texture your tree presents, and add a new one with the landscaping around it. Hosta is an ideal plant for this purpose because it features broad, variegated leaves. Bleeding heart is another attractive plant with unique flowers. Just make sure the plants you choose can tolerate the shade of your tree's canopy.

Create Groundcover Under the Canopy

In that vein, you may want to landscape under the canopy. You don't have to be so deliberate in choosing plants with different textures for under the canopy because they won't be as visible. The key is to choose plants that thrive in the shade. Jerusalem sage and white trillium grow natively on the forest floor, so they're ideal for groundcover under a weeping tree.

Install Lawn Accent Pieces Near the Tree

One way to draw attention to your tree is by installing accent pieces in its vicinity. Classics such as a birdbath, statue, or water fountain work well.

Play around with placement of the accent item to create a unique tableau. For example, you might tuck a stone statue into the branches hanging down for an interplay of textures. You could emphasize the graceful arcs of the branches with a water fountain in the background. A birdbath would look attractive nestled among flowers in front of the tree.

Design a Rock Garden

If you're going for more of a forest effect, consider designing a rock garden to complement your tree. Choose an odd number of big rocks to install near the tree. Plant around the rocks with plants that grow in a profusion. The goal is to let the weeping tree provide a backdrop for a garden that appears to have just naturally sprouted around the rocks.

Devise a Pathway Around the Tree

Because of the shield their branches create, weeping trees often create a sense of mystery. For that reason, a meandering pathway would be a charming way to draw attention to your tree. Your pathway should feature curves to create that meandering ambience. If the branches are high enough off the ground, you might direct the path underneath before curving around the back.

For paving, your pathway should be as naturalistic as possible. Consider simply having the ground compacted. However, if you do want some paving, look into natural stones spaced a comfortable stride apart. You can enhance their naturalistic appearance by planting hardy groundcover around the stones.

Try an In-Ground Water Feature

You often see weeping trees near in-ground water features, such as a pond or stream. Such an installation can create a beautiful woodland effect. You'll want the water feature near the tree so the branches droop over the surface. If you're having a pond installed, consider adding a submerged fountain to spray arcs of water nearby.

Install a beautiful weeping tree, and landscape around it to draw attention to its unique profile. Consult with Ted's Trees, Ltd. to install your hardscaping and landscaping, including the tree itself.

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