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Planning To Have Trees Installed In Your Yard? What You Should Know

Yard with Trees and Flowers
When you are planning to change and enhance your home's landscaping by adding in trees, the whole process can be very intense and exciting. From going to the nursery to choose the right trees for your desired aesthetic to choosing the exact location in your yard for the trees, there are many steps to take and factors to think about.
Get to know some of the important facts about having trees installed in your yard and how you should care for your new trees. Then, you can be sure that your new landscaping endeavor really pays off.
Different Trees Serve Different Purposes
As you are thinking about installing trees in your landscaping design, one of the factors to consider is the purpose of the tree in your overall design and aesthetic. If you are looking for trees that will help to keep your home and your yard cooler, for example, then you want to look for shade trees.
Shade trees are trees known to grow both tall and wide so that they can provide some shelter from the harsh rays of the sun. Most varieties of oaks and elms are known to be excellent shade trees. However, keep in mind that when you plant young trees, it can take many years for them to provide the extensive shade you may be looking for.
Other trees are more ornamental in nature. They do not necessarily grow very tall and tend to have smaller widths than shade trees (or do not grow foliage that is as robust and full). Ornamental trees are chosen less for their function and more for their beauty.
These trees are often flowering trees like magnolias, redbud, or white bud trees. They bloom brilliantly once or twice a year, creating a beautiful seasonal look for your landscaping design. Ornamental trees are usually placed in prominent locations such as along the driveway or garden paths to allow for maximum visibility.

Young Trees Need Regular Care and Watering

When you are having trees planted, keep in mind that young trees need a lot of attention and care. You will need provide your young trees with water as well as protect them from harm.
The water provided by lawn irrigation, while not harmful to your young trees, will not be sufficient to feed them as they are beginning to take root and grow in your soil. As soon as you plant your new tree and get the soil packed in around it, you will want to water it.
After you plant the tree, it is also important to surround the tree with a layer of mulch. Mulch helps to keep moisture in the soil by insulating the soil from the direct impact of the sun's rays. Once you have this in place, you can begin your regular tree care routine.
During the first few years you have your tree, it will need regular watering especially during periods of drought or high heat. You will want to perform deep watering of your tree. This simply means you want to saturate the soil down several inches to where the roots are located.
You will want to run a hose with a diffuser nozzle over the area surrounding the tree for about 30 seconds to a minute each time you water the tree. This should be sufficient to saturate the soil.
It can be tough to know how often to water your new trees and you do not want to overwater them any more than you want to underwater them. One way to check if you are watering enough is to check the soil moisture by using a garden trowel to dig a small trench a few inches into the ground. Feel the soil with your fingers.
If it is moist, then you are watering enough. If it is dry, you need to water more. And if it is soaked or the trench fills with standing water, you have watered too much.
Now that you know more about installing trees into your landscaping design, you can be sure that you are not only choosing the right trees for you but that you are also caring for your new trees in the best way possible.

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