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Backyard Picnics: Tree Options To Provide Extra Shade & Comfort


Enjoying a small picnic in your backyard is a great way to get some fresh air while eating in a different location besides your kitchen. Having a backyard picnic in the direct sunlight brings a lot of problems. The heat may be too intense. You may have to constantly reapply sunscreen and your food may spoil faster due to the direct heat.

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Ideas for Landscaping Around a Weeping Tree


Weeping trees are a popular addition for your yard. You probably know all about the classic weeping willow, but a weeping tree is simply one that features drooping leaves or branches.

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Planning To Have Trees Installed In Your Yard? What You Should Know


When you are planning to change and enhance your home's landscaping by adding in trees, the whole process can be very intense and exciting. From going to the nursery to choose the right trees for your desired aesthetic to choosing the exact location in your yard for the trees, there are many steps to take and factors to think about.

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