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Professional Tree Transplanting Service

Moving and replanting a tree is an ambitious process to undertake. Not to mention it does take some level of expertise. Ted’s Trees, Ltd. provides services that make the process much easier. We serve clients in Austin and specialize in removing trees from their original location in order to place them in a more appropriate place. Our tree transplanting service provides relocation and a positive solution for trees that may have otherwise been torn down or overlooked. No matter what reason you have for the transport, we can assist and make it far easier. Trust us to take care of your tree transplanting needs.

Offering Customized Sprinkler Systems for Your Lawn, Trees & Plants

Landscape irrigation provides an important service. Many people underestimate its role in the growth and maintenance of plants, but it provides a regulated and scheduled dose of water that can encourage growth, prevent overwatering and create a nurturing environment. For newly planted trees, it is essential because it provides tree roots with the nourishment they need to expand and grow. No matter what you’ve planted, an irrigation system can cultivate its growth.

Creating Beautiful Yards in Austin & Surrounding Areas  

If you’ve ever seen a tree and wished it could be in your yard, you’ll be pleased to know that tree transplanting companies provide this exact service. Ted’s Trees, Ltd. offer clients the opportunity to uproot a tree from its original site and replant it anew. There are a number of reasons you may need our tree transplant service, and we can help make the process simple. We also provide additional landscaping services. Call for a free consultation at 512-928-8733.

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