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Make Your Austin Home Beautiful With Expert Tree Installation

Tree Installation
Everybody wants a home that looks inviting and timeless from the curb. What makes the difference between so many average houses and those that truly look special? If you look closely, you may notice that landscaping plays a big role. That’s why Ted’s Trees, Ltd. offers professional tree installation services on any tree, shrub or plant purchased at our fully stock nursery. We can help you plan where to put any shrub or perennials and do your flower bed planting, too. Our team of qualified professional landscapers is skilled and ready to help you create an amazing home. Best of all, we warranty any tree purchase at our nursery that includes installation for one year.

We Plant Trees, Shrubs, Flowers & More

You’ve probably heard that trees provide benefits such as air purification, cooling and shade. You can claim all of these benefits for yourself by planting one in your yard. We specialize in creating landscapes that accommodate and accent trees, so we can help you find a way for yours. Some of the other benefits they provide include:
  • Oxygen generation
  • Reduce carbon monoxide
  • Improved property value
  • Creates friendly environment
Once you plant a tree or a few in your yard, you’ll see why they’re a great option.

Great Landscapes in Austin & Surrounding Areas 

Nearly any tree you plant in your landscaping will accent your home, give it a timeless feel and create a sense of vibrancy in your curb appeal. It’s no wonder trees are such a popular choice. If you’re looking for help from a professional to integrate yours into your landscape scheme, Ted’s Trees, Ltd. can help. We provide professional shrub planting services, and we also offer irrigation features to add additional value to your home. We serve clients in Pflugerville, so if you are ready to start planning a gorgeous home exterior, please call us at 512-928-8733. 

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